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    "Etoile" neon pink pencil case. For all the little treasures of small as well as large. Available in 2 sizes:M: 21 cm x 10 cm

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    EMPTY POCKETUnbleached cotton cover and hanger hazel, fluorescent pink piping. Dimension: 33 x 33 cm

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    A garland of lights to form colored balls to bring the sweetness in a very modern decor.This garland consists of 20 cores woven cotton 7cm wide by 6cm tall.Hearts are distributed on a transparent wire forming a 3m long loop and the garland measure total 5m long.A garland chewable that will add a soft touch to every children's rooms.

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    NUMERO 74

    Natural wand, wooden handle, to sublimate all fairy costumes and princess with elegance.Combine with the crown. From 3 years

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    Organic cotton hand crochet. Size: 16 x 14 x 8 cm Color : natural

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    Cat T-shirt. Soft and comfortable. So cool! Grey and indigo. 100% coton

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    France map giant coloring poster Let's travel to France ! Come and discover the country with coloring : Alpes, Bretagne, Corse, Côte d'Azur, Pays Basque, DOM-TOM... Surprises and funny details to find out. A big coloring poster to share with friends and family! To be used on the floor, on the wall or even as a tablecloth! 1 paper poster / Unfolded format: 1,15 m x 0,80 m Design and made in France by OMY Design&Play

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    YadaYada loves fashion and accessories ! As well as tracking down the latest designers in children clothing, YadaYada loves creating and imagining new things. The new creation suggested by YadaYada is a curd ladle, cut in nice fabrics. Having multiple usages, the YadaYada curd ladle fits anywhere and can not only house essential things but treasures for both grown-ups and youngsters. It comes also very handy in carrying the baby’s survival kit (diapers and spare clothes, etc). It is a space-saving, useful, wise and cute companion. 100% cotton curd ladle with embroidered YadaYada silvery badge. Size: 25/30 cm Machine washable

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