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    Mobile to hang. Organic cotton hand crochet. Size: Diameter 22 cm Gender : Mixte / Color : multi

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    This delightfully colored tissue paper pom-poms are festive in themselve, and will become the must-have decoration item to customize every birthday party or any other reception. Dimensions: 25 cmComposition: paper

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    Girl TankTop - white and indigo dots. Soft and comfortable. So cool! 100% coton

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    You're gonna want to kiss this frog ! Nothing keeps your bath this organized and tidy. That's why Frog Pod is the super star of bath toy storage. Its drainable scoop lets you gather and rinse toys, which helps prevent scum and mildew issues. The wall-mounted base, with built-in shelf, holds all your essential bath products. Stuff to know:* With Frog Pod your child will actually want to help clean-up * Removable scoop makes bath time clean-up fun and easy * Wall-mounted base with built-in shelf * Reduces mold and mildew * Mounting options included: adhesive strips and hardware * BpA-free, Phthalate-free and PVC-free Recommended age: All ages * Dimensions: 42 x 48 x 16 cm Size : One / Color : Green

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    This designed children scoubidou chair is fun and vintage. Suitable for children 18 months and up. Light, manageable, stackable, the chair is very safe and stable. Dimension:Seat height: 22cm/Total height: 46 cm / Depth: 23 cm / Diameter: 40 cmWeight: 2.3 kg DELIVERY ONLY IN SWITZERLAND Material: Steel and scoubidouTICA chair is available in blue, turquoise, pink, red and black

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    NUMERO 74

    The pack contains:6 invitation cards and envelopes6 beautifully decorated gift bags6 gifts for each guest to have good memories of this unforgettable moment.

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    Nice fluffy doudou rattle. Size: 19 cm Colors: blue, white or pink

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    8 Birthday invitations designed by OMY in assaciation with MY LITTLE DAY! For girls and boys. Made in France.

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